Italus or Italos, the legendary King of the Sicilians, was the one who gave his name to Italy, the neighboring Mediterranean country. Some legends have it that he was the grandson of Minos. Others associate Italus with Circe and Odysseus while most legends tell that he was the son of Penelope and Telegonus. According to Thucydides, Italus was from Sicily. However, there are other accounts suggesting that his place of origin was Corfu.
Both Greece and Italy are entwined in the myths
​surrounding Italus who loves Greek and Italian products and flavors.

Our plan was to give our concept store a modern aesthetic making it the ultimate destination for excellent coffee, fresh homemade juices, high-end all day brunch and evening cocktails in a relaxed atmosphere with low background music, allowing you to have a conversation over a few drinks.​
We’ve also created sweet gifts to offer to your friends and loved ones.

The interior industrial staircase, with metal elements and natural wood, leads to the upper floor where you can arrange private meetings and presentations. This area is also provided with tablets for those who want to work away from the office.
We have created a unique Italian menu which includes a choice of sweet and savory street food style dishes all day long. Everything is made from “Sary” cold cuts from Drama, Kostarelo cheese, not to mention our eclectic products all the way from Italy.
Our brunch includes fluffy pancakes both sweet and savory version, Panini, Focaccia, Pizzetta, Canollo, oven-baked omelets, fresh salads, power smoothie bowls, nutritious fruit creations. We have a selection of truffles and tiny sweet bites for those with the sweet tooth, plus some extraordinary vegan options. We also offer you the choice of buying ½ or ¼ of a cake allowing you to combine different flavors - a perfect gift for someone special.

At Italus we take special care of your drinks. Aloe Vera from LR Health and Beauty Systems is the base of our fresh organic juices that can accompany our all day brunch dishes. You can choose from a variety of juices that offer you daily energy boost. Enjoy your espresso, cappuccino or hot chocolate in an edible chocolate-dipped waffle cup. But the real standout is our cappuccino-the best cappuccino ever! And if you wish you can get your selfie printed on the top.
You can find us at 104 Eleftheriou Venizelou Street in Kallithea, Athens. We are open from 07:30 in the morning until late at night. Drop by for your morning coffee or your evening aperitif or cocktail.



Italus Athens Greece | 104 Eleftheriou Venizelou Street in Kallithea, Athens


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